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Wedding Photographers in India

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  1. How do i see the photographer details?

    After choosing a Photographer of choice, you can click on his name, which would take you to the Photographers details. For making it easy, we standardised the format for all Photographers.

  2. How do i choose the best Photographer for my event?

    After you create the event, we give you the best available choices matching your requirements. Be assured the service providers are carefully shortlisted & trained, to give you the best experience throughout.

  3. What is Service Fee?

    Service fee is the amount charged for the Professional services, after ascertaining your requirements.

  4. Why is it different from the price shown at the time of photographer selection?

    At the first instance, base price for the chosen Photographer is displayed. During checkout, the consolidated amount is shown for the team required to complete the event coverage.

  5. What if the amount is debited, but payment failed message is displayed?

    Be assured, our payment gateway team would ensure all such unfortunate incidents are handled to your satisfaction.

  6. Why do i need to pay 30% advance?

    As you’ve experienced, once your order is created & the photographer is selected, we reserve the resources. As a policy we need financial commitment from the customer & we have a fair refund policy should you ever need to use it.

  7. Who is responsible for service and delivery quality?

    oneglint is responsible for the delivery, quality & user experience.

  8. I want oneglint to engage a specific Photographer who's unavailable currently on your platform. Are you open for such requirements?

    While onboarding the service providers, oneglint platform uses stringent process with attributes such as experience level, gear owned, consistency, education, customer friendliness etc. We ensure they undergo interpersonal skills & functional training, on continuous basis, after each service provider is onboarded. This process and practices set us apart, that ensures guaranteed services, which can’t be assured for non-oneglint service provider. Hence, we normally don’t entertain such requests; However, do write to us in case of any specific reason for the same, we can try to help you.

  9. Can I cancel my order?

    Yes, we do understand for some unforeseen reasons you may have to cancel the program planned & hence the order created with oneglint. We respect your decisions & refer to our cancellation policy. We would recommend you to consider our reschedule option.

  10. Why do i need to register and share all my details?

    Photography for any coverage is all about relationship. This is mandatory information we need to have & be assured we respect your privacy & we refrain from sharing customer data to outside oneglint system.

  11. Why do i need to upload my aadhar, PAN etc (service provider)?

    Relationship with oneglint for any service provider is a contract. It is mandatory to have all our service providers details with us.

  12. What is the selection process for service provider?

    As per our process, each service provider is assessed on a set of parameters that includes and not limited to gear owned, gear used, education, past work, interpersonal skills, interests etc. oneglint thrives to offer seamless experience to all its customers; thus, the shortlisting & training process helps us continuously improve our skills and rise the bar.